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Easily create SEO entries for any WHMCS page

SEO ManagerWHMCS Addon

SEO Manager is a WHMCS addon which allows you to easily apply a variety of meta tags to any page of your WHMCS website. It is fully compatible with the latest version of WHMCS software.

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What's Included?

  • WHMCS Addon
  • Product License Key
  • Free Addon Installation
  • 6 Month Support Package

Product Platform:

  • WHMCS SoftwareVersion 8.1.3

License Pricing:

  • $49.99 USDOne Time Payment

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Free Installation

Addon installation can be requested at any time after purchase

User Support

This addon includes access to user support for 6 months as standard

Instant Optimization

SEO Manager includes a default SEO entry which will apply to all pages using automatically detected information. So just by installing the addon and integrating it with your template, your website will benefit from a variety of different meta tags.

In the event that you want to optimize a page further, you can simply create a custom SEO entry for a specific page and this will override the default SEO entry.

SEO Manager also includes the option to automatically apply JSON-LD structured data snippets relating to website information and breadcrumbs to every page.

Instant Optimization
Custom SEO Entries

Custom SEO Entries

A custom SEO entry can be created for any WHMCS page, including any custom pages you have created. This allows you to specify your desired page title, description, keywords, canonical URL and other meta data on a page-by-page basis.

The intuitive addon control panel makes it very easy to create and manage your custom SEO entries and there's no limit to the number of SEO entries you can create.

As all SEO entries are stored in the main WHMCS database, it's incredibly easy to apply them to your current WHMCS template, or any template you use in the future.

Social Sharing

SEO Manager allows you to easily control how links to your website pages are displayed when they are shared by users on Facebook and Twitter.

When creating a new SEO entry, the intuitive SEO Manager interface will allow you to:

Specify an image for the page

Specify a custom title for the page

Specify a custom description for the page

Specify the name of your website or company

By making your links look more appealing, people are more likely to notice them and click through to your website to view the product or service that you are promoting.

Add SEO to any page of your WHMCS website and control how your links appear when shared on social media:

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

SEO Manager includes a dedicated field for Google Analytics so that you can begin tracking behaviour and collecting statistics when users visit your website. Simply insert your integration code exactly as provided by Google and it will be applied to all pages of your WHMCS website.

Intuitive Interface

After installing SEO Manager on your WHMCS website, you will be able to access the intuitive addon interface directly from your WHMCS Administration panel. From here, you can start creating and managing your custom SEO entries as required.

The intuitive addon interface makes SEO Manager incredibly easy to use. When creating or editing an SEO Entry, you will be presented with a dialogue box whereby you can specify your desired meta data without needing to insert any code directly.

Support Package

Support Package

This addon includes a 6 month support package. Upon expiry, you will have the option to renew it for an additional 6 months at a cost of $14.99 USD.

However, if you decide not to renew it, you can continue to use the addon on your website but you will no longer have access to the following benefits:

User Support

We aim to respond to all enquiries within approximately 24 hours, subject to our office opening hours

Product Guides

Our product documentation explains in detail how to install this product on your website as well as how to use it

Future Updates

We will update this product to ensure that it is compatible with future versions of WHMCS software

Stored Download

The latest version of the product will be available to download from your client account on our website

Product Requirements and Licensing

This product requires version 8.1.3 of WHMCS software to be correctly installed on your website server. Older versions of WHMCS software, or unlicensed, nulled or local installations, are not supported.

By purchasing this product you will be granted a non-transferable license to use the addon on a single WHMCS installation and domain name that is controlled by you or the company you represent.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed purchase, we have published a selection of our most frequently asked questions about this product.

Please also ensure that you read the description of this product and our Terms of Service in full before you proceed to submit your order.

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about this product, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a live demonstration for SEO Manager. However, you can view a selection of screenshots above that showcase the administration panel.

No. SEO Manager does not contain any front-end branding.

Yes. SEO Manager will work with any WHMCS template including all templates available from our website. Please note that SEO Manager will have no functionality on non-WHMCS templates, such as Word Press or HTML.

Yes. We can install and integrate SEO Manager for you and this can be requested at any time after purchase at no additional cost. We also include detailed installation and integration instructions in case you would prefer to do it yourself.

SEO Manager supports a variety of meta tags including Page Title, Description, Keywords, Canonical URL, Robots, Open Graph (OG) Title, OG Description, OG Site Name, OG Type, OG Image, OG URL, OG Locale, Twitter Card, Twitter Title, Twitter Description, Twitter Image, Twitter URL and Twitter Username. Any other custom meta data can also be inserted.

No. Unfortunately, SEO Manager does not support multiple languages at this time.

An SEO Manager license is for a single WHMCS installation only, so it is unlikely to work correctly on installations running a multi-brand solution and we are unable to guarantee compatibility for this.