WHMCS Installation

Secure installation of WHMCS on your website

WHMCS InstallationWHMCS Software Service

This service provides for installing the latest version of WHMCS software on your website and applying the additional recommended 'Further Security Steps' to ensure your installation is secure.

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Required Information:

  • WHMCS License Key
  • cPanel or Plesk Access
  • Chosen Location for WHMCS
  • Chosen Administration Directory

Time Frame:

  • Completed Within24 Hours

Service Pricing:

  • $29.99 USDOne Time Payment
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This service will be completed within 24 hours from when we acknowledge receipt of your information

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User Support

Support will be provided for any issues related to the performance of this service for up to 15 calendar days

WHMCS Installation

WHMCS installation involves installing the latest stable version of WHMCS software on your web server. We will also apply the additional 'Further Security Steps', as recommended by WHMCS, to ensure that your installation is as secure as possible.

After the service has been completed, your WHMCS installation will be ready for you to start configuring the products and services you will be selling to your clients.

We can install WHMCS software in any location of your choice, so you could have it located in your root website directory (this is recommended if you will be using one of our pre-made templates) or we can install it in a subfolder or subdomain instead.

WHMCS Installation
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Latest Version

We will install the latest stable version of WHMCS on your website

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Any Location

We can install WHMCS software in the root directory or any subfolder

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Extra Security

We will apply the Further Security Steps as recommended by WHMCS

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Server Conditions

Your server must already meet the minimum requirements for WHMCS

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed purchase, we have published a selection of our most frequently asked questions about this service.

Please also ensure that you read the description of this service and our Terms of Service in full before you proceed to submit your order.

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about this service, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

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This service will be completed within 24 hours or less, starting from when we have acknowledged receipt of all the required information from you.

Please check the official System Requirements to ensure that your server can run the latest version of WHMCS software.

We can install WHMCS in any location you choose. If you are using one of our pre-made templates that includes a home page layout, it's better to install WHMCS in the root directory so that the home page loads on your root domain instead of in a subfolder.

You can purchase a WHMCS software license directly from the WHMCS website. Alternatively, you may be able to obtain a reduced cost license from your hosting provider.

These steps include securing the writable directories and configuration file, preventing public access to the crons folder, restricting access to your administration panel by IP address and implementing a custom name for your administration directory.

The 'Powered by' branding line is determined by your WHMCS software license type. To remove it, it will be necessary to purchase or upgrade to a non-branded license type.

If you elect to have WHMCS installed into a new directory, no files will be overwritten. However, if WHMCS is installed in the root directory, it may be necessary to remove some conflicting files. In this scenario, we will backup your files to ensure that nothing is lost.