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Box Chat - WHMCS Template

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Box Chat is a responsive, mobile friendly website template that has been designed specifically for reseller website hosting providers. It is fully compatible with the latest version of WHMCS software.

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What's Included?

  • WHMCS Template
  • HTML & PHP Templates
  • Photoshop Logo Source
  • 6 Month Support Package

Template Platform:

  • WHMCS SoftwareVersion 8.9.0

License Pricing:

  • $49.99 USDOne Time Payment

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WHMCS Template

Box Chat is fully compatible with version 8.9.0 of WHMCS software and includes all pages seen in the demo


PHP Template

Box Chat also includes the matching PHP template which can be used on any server that has PHP installed

PHP Icon

HTML Template

Box Chat also includes the matching HTML template which can be used on a standalone basis if required

15+ Page Layouts Included

Box Chat includes a variety of different page layouts ready for your products and services, with all pages having been professionally designed to meet your needs as a web hosting provider.

All custom page layouts are W3C valid and have been fully tested for guaranteed compatibility with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Box Chat Page Layouts
Responsive Icon

Responsive Design

The template will automatically adapt to look good on all devices, giving the user the best experience possible

Retina Icon

Retina Ready

Graphics and images used in the template will be displayed sharply on devices with high pixel density

Bootstrap Icon

Based on Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first websites

Multiple Languages

This template includes all necessary language translations for the various client area pages that are provided with WHMCS software by default. Therefore, these pages will include working translations for each language that is supported by WHMCS.

Custom pages that are not included with WHMCS software by default are split into a child template which can be duplicated for each language. This allows you to easily translate your template content without needing to create new language variables.

Multiple Languages
Categorised URLs

Friendly URLs

This template includes a selection of additional content pages that are not included with WHMCS software by default. Instead of these extra pages residing in the root WHMCS directory, they are separated into category specific sub-folders, whilst retaining full access to all WHMCS functionality.

In practice, this means that the URL to each of these pages will be user friendly, as well as SEO friendly. And for web servers running on Apache, we've also included the necessary rewrite rules to automatically remove the '.php' file extensions from the URLs of these additional content pages.

Instant Download

Access the template download package immediately after ordering

Free Installation

Template installation can be requested at any time after purchase

User Support

All templates include access to user support for 6 months as standard

Easy Updates

Our templates are built on a parent and child theme structure which makes it incredibly easy to update them for compatibility with future versions of WHMCS software, without losing your customisations.

And in the event that you want to make changes to the core WHMCS template files, we've implemented built-in override support to prevent your modifications from being overwritten by future WHMCS updates.

Easy Updates
Fully Compatible

Order Forms

This template has been fully tested for guaranteed compatibility with version 8.9.0 of WHMCS software and will work with any of the various order form / cart templates that are provided within this version of WHMCS software by default.

After activating your desired order form via your WHMCS Administration interface, the template will display the ordering and checkout process correctly and all features and functions that relate to your chosen order form will work as expected.

Support Package

Support Package

This template includes a 6 month support package. Upon expiry, you will have the option to renew it for an additional 6 months at a cost of $29.99 USD.

However, if you decide not to renew it, you can continue to use the template on your website but you will no longer have access to the following benefits:

User Support

We aim to respond to all enquiries within approximately 24 hours, subject to our office opening hours

Product Guides

Our product documentation explains how to install the template on your website and edit it to suit your needs

Future Updates

We will update this template to ensure that it is compatible with future versions of WHMCS software

Stored Download

The latest version of the template will be available to download from your client account on our website

Product Requirements and Licensing

This product requires version 8.9.0 of WHMCS software to be correctly installed on your website server. Older versions of WHMCS software, or unlicensed, nulled or local installations, are not supported.

The PHP version of this template can be used in a local environment or on any web server running PHP. The HTML template can be used in any location and has no dependencies or server requirements.

Editing the template content to suit your needs will require a code editor and a working knowledge of HTML and CSS languages. Adobe Photoshop software will be required to edit the logo image source.

By purchasing this product you will be granted a non-transferable license to use the template on a single WHMCS installation and domain name that is controlled by you or the company you represent.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed purchase, we have published a selection of our most frequently asked questions about this product.

Please also ensure that you read the description of this product and our Terms of Service in full before you proceed to submit your order.

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about this product, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

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Yes. You will be able to create as many additional pages as you require. You can also delete any pages that you do not need.

Yes. Our user documentation explains how to correctly install and activate the template. You can also request free template installation at any time after purchase.

Yes. If you have an active support package, you can contact us to request that your development domain name be added to your template licence. This will allow you to use the same licence key on two separate WHMCS installations, which can be hosted on the same, or different, servers.

Yes. Any official or third party WHMCS addon with front-end template output will work as expected with this template.

No. As this is a WHMCS template, you will need to have WHMCS software installed on your website in order to use it. It will have no functionality on any other software platforms.

No. This template does not include any administrator panel or content management system. Content modifications can be made with a code editor.

Yes. There are no restrictions on what you can edit, so you can remove the footer branding line or replace it with your own company information if you want to.